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Solar for your Company

With the rising costs of resources and overheads, organizations around Sri Lanka are constantly seeking ways of reducing costs to remain competitive not just in the local market but also within the region. Our commercial solar solutions are becoming popular by the day as organizations turn to renewable energy to cut costs and endorse their policy on social responsibility and sustainability.

Our custom designed commercial energy solutions allow for the growth of the organization without the hassle of additional expenses on electricity. As the reduction of electricity costs takes place, a heavy burden is removed from the monthly cash flow thus offering our Commercial customers more freedom and flexibility.

Our Commercial Solutions

  • High Scale Off-Grid Solar Systems
  • Solar Water Pump Systems
  • Solar Powered Boats
High Scale Off-Grid Solar Systems

Gain energy independence, access to electricity or reduce diesel generator costs for your business leveraging our complete off-grid solutions for small business.

For off-grid businesses power consumption is typically heaviest during the day when PV production is highest. If there is nighttime consumption, PV energy must be stored for later use. Sizing the PV system at up to two times the rated inverter/charger power allows for loads to be powered and battery charging to occur simultaneously during the day.

Solar Water Pump Systems

Solar PV water pumping systems are reliable and very cost-effective and can replace manual pumps. A solar water pumping system does not have to use batteries to provide the power as the pump will operate during the day by pumping water into a tank for use at night.(A Battery is needed if the pump is used at night time or during cloud and rainy climate)

We offer efficient and reliable solar powered water pump ideal for agriculture fields and hotels. It is system – tested and running in Sri Lanka for over six years. PV pumps have 85% efficiency and a lift between 5 to 200 meters. This system is available in different models according to the water consumption and depth of well. This is an investment for a life time that will dramatically reduce your electricity bill and your carbon footprint on the planet.

Solar Powered Boats

Solar powered boats get their energy from the sun. Using electric motors and storage batteries charged by solar panels and photovoltaic cells, solar powered boats can significantly reduce or eliminate their use of fossil fuels.  Solar boats are uniquely suited to transform light energy into movement. Environmentally friendly solar energy is an energy efficient way to power commercial oceangoing vessels as well as leisure boats.

Solar panels are highly reliable and easy to maintain. They have no moving parts, so visual checks and servicing are enough to keep systems up and running. Solar panels are built to withstand hail impact, high wind, and freeze-thaw cycles. Solar systems can produce power in all types of weather. On partly cloudy days, they produce as much as 80% of their potential energy. Even on extremely cloudy days, they can still produce about 25% of their maximum output.



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